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    Right here on Great British Radio today:

    - Charlie Mullins from @PimlicoPlumbers
    - @TheFreds
    - @thedebbiemcgee
    - @realshanerichie
    - @RealBrianConley
    - @TheDanWhiston

    #pimlico #rightsaidfred #imaceleb #eastenders #harryredknapp #breastcancer


    📻 Tune into @GrBRUK between 7am - 10am tomorrow morning, Charlie will be sitting down with Mike Osman to discuss how he took the plunge and became a millionaire plumber.

    Boyband Fans, Assemble...

    Up next, right here on Great British Radio: @BrianMcFadden, singer/songwriter from @westlifemusic and @boyzlifeOFCL joins, our fabulous @Cherylbaker to keep you company this evening!

    #boybands #westlife #boyzlife #boyzone

    Happy Monday from Great British Radio!

    It's going to be a hot one this week so get Great British Radio on whilst you're soaking up the sun in the garden!




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